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  1. Movies about dogs
  2. DIABLO II: RESURRECTED PATCH 2.4 | NOW LIVE What's new: Ladder details The infernal race Class balance changes Item tooltip changes Uber Diablo changes Mercenaries Rune words New horadric cube recipes Set item bonus changes Level area changes Quality of life updates Bug fixes Modding update Read more on the official Blizzard website
  3. Well, here's playing the first night. Pumping Assassin to level 8 and dropped out of the network game, impossible create a new, or enter into someone else or previously created. And after being thrown out of the game, the client game reports an error that many can not play \ But it is possible to play a single game
  4. A few days ago, reddit user PracticalBrush12, said that Diablo II Resurected will be released on September 23. Previously, he predicted the release dates of other games. And today Blizzard posted the official Diablo II Resurected release announcement on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RO26nQLcUk The reddit insider was not wrong in his prediction
  5. Blizzard registered a diablo2.blizzard.com subdomain But the service configuration redirects all users to a 403 error page That is, the site on this domain works, but only a select few people can see it, from certain IPs on Blizzard's whitelist. Reddit users found out about the new domain and made a fuss, reporting that on the twentieth anniversary of Diablo 2, there will be an announcement of Diablo 2 Remastered. And this one is going to be on June 29. On what the blizzard team manager a little cooled the ardor of fans, saying that in June there will be no Diablo 2 announcements (note, reported only about June, but it's not said that this year will be no announcements). Like they're working hard on the next season of Diablo 3, after which the planned Diablo IV quarterly update And they have some fun events planned to celebrate the anniversary of Diablo 2.
  6. Blizzard has already released Remastered versions of their games StarCraft BroodWar, WarCraft III, now the turn has come to their iconic rpg game "Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction". French website actugaming.net, which has repeatedly provided exclusive information on the release of many products from "Blizzard," reports, "From sources close to the studio anonymous, Blizzard is preparing to release several projects at once, including Diablo II Remastered." The game is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2020, although it would be more logical to release it on June 29, 2020, that's the day the game will turn 20 years old. There are also several mobile games in development.
  7. Diablo 2 Resurected Adapted game for modern monitors and computers - Diablo 2 LOD
  8. здравствуйте .не скажете почему тема с вопросами до сих пор закрыта для написания вопросов?

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